Vintage Cube with Tim Aten

Even for grizzled veterans like myself, Holiday Cube season remains a special treat. It can, however, be a difficult format to navigate, so a draft walkthrough may be helpful to those with less experience. Whereas it’s usually best to stay open for a while when drafting, in Vintage Cube, you’re more incentivized to commit early. And as you’ll see, signaling is overrated; many have concluded that it’s best to completely disregard who they’re passing to.

Pick 1:

Easy Time Walk. Not much to say here.

Pick 2:

This is pretty lucky. Naturally we’ll be taking the Mox, as I like them more than everything but Black Lotus, Ancestral, Time Walk, and Sol Ring (in that order).

Pick 3:

Because we took power our first few picks, we’re staying open longer than usual. Here, I take Gilded Lotus, as it can help with degenerate midgame turns in a variety of archetypes. (Plus Upheaval will probably wheel, loooooooollll.)

Pick 4:

This pack’s kind of wretched, but because of Time Walk, Snapcaster Mage is the easy choice.

Pick 5:

Alright, this is cool. Another weak pack, but Regrowth gives us yet another way to take extra turns.

Pick 6:

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