Yet another wedding plan

Hi everyone! This is post #129 of my wedding planning blog. Some of you have complained that you can’t see the older posts of this, like suuuuuper popular wedding planning blog. We had some problems with the archives and I’m working on getting them restored.

Anyway, so Larry Gazebo sent me this one:

“Hi Zaiem! I love your totally real and not made-up-on-the-spot blog! I’ve been reading all of the posts going back years. How many has it been, like 128 haha anyway so yeah like this one time we were going to get married and then some stuff didn’t happen as planned and it turned out it was totally okay, also if I was a really cute girl who was dating this really helpful guy who loves her I bet he would like totally help and would love doing so.

Anyway, I love the very real blog you own and it’s really great so keep blogging the way you have been all this time.


Larry, A Very Real Person”

Thanks Larry!

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